Happy New Year STUDS.

Restaurant suggestion Al Pronto

Wine Tasting and dinner Sat 27 Jan

Entering the low emission zone in Antwerp.

A friend of mine recently got fined 125 € for entering the low emission zone in Antwerp for about 10 min.
This could have been avoided if he had known, and then 'bought a ticket' in advance.
If you plan to go to Antwerp here is a link, in English, to finding out if your car needs entry permit and how to get it:

Have fun,

Hermans Friday


The next quiz will be held on Monday December 11th at the Open Brasserie. Several of the questions will have a Christmas theme and on this occasion, instead of a specialist country round, there will be a round on the Spanish Region of Navarra.

Beatriz, who organizes all of the quiz packs and helps to marks the answer sheets, comes from the Navarra region and will set the questions for this round. She has also arranged for representatives of the Navarra region in Brussels to donate a number of prizes on the night.

Musical Charity Show this Friday, 8pm

Don't forget to come to the Staging Post at De Kam. Details in post of the 27 Oct or on

European trips and activities


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