Giraffe Children’s Charity Quiz - Postponed until the autumn

Please contact Dave and Helen directly for attending this event.

Helen is organising another quiz in aid of the abovementioned Charity which builds schools in Nairobi and sponsors children through them.
I have booked two tables for STUDS. Please let us know if you’d like to take part by sending an e-mail to


The next quiz will take place on 4 June. The specialist country round will be on Bhutan.

SOs are welcome. Please let me know if you and/or your SO wishes to take part. Participation costs €10 per person.

A tombola in aid of UNICEF is held during the evening. STUDS will buy prizes to contribute to the tombola.

Kind regards.

Orval Signup

Hi Studs,

Thanks Michael for suggesting an Orval visit. See Michael's post from previous posting. He suggested we signup for a Friday visit (Sept 14). If a time is required during signup please for say around noon. It takes two hours to get there.

Sign up starts today at 0800 and may fill up quickly.

I clicked on Open Door Days and a signup sheet came up. I signed up for 10 people!

Interested in a good time, contact Le Mucha Jazz night

Soirée Jazz

Amateurs de Jazz,

Venez vivre une soirée Jazzy ce jeudi 03 mai 2018 à partir de 20H.
Le prix du menu et de la soirée Jazz est à 49,50€ et sera bientôt disponible sur notre site (

N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour vos réservations uniquement par téléphone
au 02 770 24 14.
Bien à Vous 

Le Mucha

Staging Post De Kam Musical Evening

Come and join William, Steve and John who have arranged a highly entertaining evening in a café-theatre environment, ideal for your S.O. The main act of Jazzy-Blues is from Slinky & P'tit Loup, with Scottish Folk from Elixir and Bluegrass from "Three of a KInd" in support. There wioll be a "Free Podium" in the bar after the show for anyone wishing to sing or play. Takings over costs go to charity.


The next quiz will take place as usual in The Open restaurant near Sq Montgomery on 30 April.
The special country round will be on Fiji.
Participation costs €10 per person and SOs are welcome to join in too.
A tombola will take place in aid of UNICEF too. Please consider bringing along a prize to be raffled (value no more than about €10).

If you'd like to take part please let me know, so that I can book the necessary number of tables.


Charity Show, Tervuren, 14th Apr

Next Saturday, Nigel Ward is giving a concert in support of his children's cancer charity "Wardies Way". They are always good evenings.

4 Star Stud Brewery

Studs Dues Payment Request

Gentlemen (and selected others),

Please send your 2018 dues of 25 Euros to the following STUDS bank account:

STUDS BELGIUM BE65 36301990 0396

Best regards,


Studs Treas
Studs Pres

Next Staging Post De Kam Sat 21st April

Anoher brilliant evening is planned. Come along and support STUDS members William, John and Steve. Its café-theatre style, so ideal for the SO.


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